Create a website that creates 50k - 1 million page views per month [Experts Tips- Part 2]

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Create a website that creates 50k - 1 million page views per month [Experts Tips- Part 2]

11/27/2019 4:00 AM by Seo Guru in Techie

Create a website that creates 50k - 1 million page views per month [Experts Tips - Part 2]

This is the second post and in this we will continue to explain our experts view on how to create a website professionally and then step by step get a promotional place and then earn from it. By using this tips / methods I have gained over 50K-10m views on my website per month. Look at the professionally build website like google searched, wordpress, google news, google analyze, googlebot analytics, Wikipedia, u tub (youtube), facebook etc... they did same and so do you.. Now, lets start.


Firstly, why do we need a Website?

Website is a fundamental thing in this digital era, from business to any profession needs a website today. It makes a vital importance in the growth and sustains the immortality in a business. From every website a new search base is evolved and so does a thread in a digital era.

Here is are the Tips / Tricks used by the digital industry Experts – [PART 2] [CLICK HERE FOR PART 1]

Tip 6 -

SEGREGATION - Make a Separate page each for Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimers, Your Motto, Blog, Logo etc. It gives a more professional touch.

Tip 7 -

AVAILABILITY - Create a separate E-mail, Facebook Page, Instagram, Youtube etc IDs for the same domain name it is registered. Imp- Keep the domain name same so that the search engine knows where all are you available.

Tip 8 -

COPY AND PASTE- Keep your description the same in your meta tags and about section. It improves website ranking and focus on indexing while creating a website



Tip 9 -

CONTENT SEO - Post a valuable, original, short and easy content. Use shrinked image i.e that occupies less space. Your original content is the plays a vital role in all aspects that creates a perfect website. Use Yoast SEO online Real Time Content Analyzing Tool.

Tip 10 -

REVIEW- Check your Website Speed here and get it reviewed by us for free when you create a website. –x-x-x-Click Here-x-x-x

Tip 1 1-

SUBMIT SITEMAP- Build a Sitemap and submit it to the search engines like Google Webmaster Console, Yahoo, Bing, Spandex etc. For search engine indexing i.e rankings. x-x-x-Free Build here-x-x-x

Tip 1 2-

MONETIZE IT -  Wait for couple of time till the traffic is nice and daily upto 30k-50k page views. Sign up for Ads like Google Adsense. Now you can Earn from your website.Why siging up is imp it is because it gives your website a recognition from Google search engine and results in increase organic traffic.

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Conclusion -

It is always benfits to get these tips handy every time you create a website. As our experts make it always easy to understand and implement upon. Try our Free Pro SEO Tools provide SEO and digital marketing software. Vola !!All the software is free of cost here.