Four technologies you must consider for better SEO [Experts Trick]

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Four technologies you must consider for better SEO [Experts Trick]

11/26/2019 11:30 AM by Seo Guru in Techie

Four technologies you must consider for better SEO [Easy Experts Trick]

Four SEO Tech

If you are blogger, content developer, writer or publisher you know what SEO means. But if you are new here then search engine optimization is, “Attracting or getting traffic from search results on the various search engines like Google, Safari, Yahoo, etc.” By using this you are attracting people to visit your webpage or blog or your respective content. For better SEO you need some basic tools such as website checker, word count, plagiarism check, paragraph rewriter etc.


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According to procedure of becoming a better SEO is gradual and you need to start step by step. We have listed four technologies you must have to consider for better SEO.

SEO TECH to Sky Rocket Rankings are :-

1. Trending and modern web page design - It’s important to make your website easy to understand, easy to use and fashionable. If your website is old and difficult then people shift from your website to another within a second. So if you want to get loyal traffic you need to focus on these things.


2. Mobile and tablet friendly website - Today more than 3.3 billion people using mobile devices and the count of the laptop, computer users are way less. Many laptop and computer users use a device for work not for searching. Mobile is becoming a day to day search device. To attract this traffic your web pages must be suitable for these devices.


3. Security and Quality - URL with “secure sockets layer” status can attract more traffic even search engines like Google, Yahoo, Safari are giving priorities to these types or URL. You can find these types of URLs easily they look like this HTTPS//” and normal URL looks like “HTTP/”. Quality and maintenance of your webpages are important. It’s also important to install an SSL certificate on your website. Showing your terms and condition clearly can improve trust on your webpage.


4. Optimization – Lite and faster speed Graphics Design and the whole layout plus programming. It is optimal to keep the program lite, simple and straight as the overall browsing id dependent on the html / css / java code. The other party snippets like various <meta> tags and small piece code should be minimal as the Users browser interacts with the your server then downloads your website.


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