The beginner’s guide to technical SEO and SEO tutorial [Experts Steps]

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The beginner’s guide to technical SEO and SEO tutorial [Experts Steps]

11/26/2019 10:00 AM by Seo Guru in Techie

The beginner’s guide to technical SEO and SEO tutorial



This is the century of technology. If you are a beginner and want to make a blog or do work in Search Engine Optimization for any company then this article is the best way to start. We, “FREE PRO SEO” are the company dedicated to improving simplicity and usability of SEO services and provide you with a seamless experience of various free tools which make your SEO level to professional.

So first, what is SEO? On the internet, we have many search engines like Google, Yahoo, Safari and many more. SEO means getting the desired traffic of people search on the search engines.


Technical SEO

Technical SEO is one of the most important things in SEO in general. In this, you shift your main focus on website, web address and not on the content. The main job of technical SEO is to improve website ranking in search engines and focus on quality of experience for the traffic. This is the basic idea of technical SEO. Now let’s jump into some free technical SEO tips to make you understand it better in the field of technical SEO.

SEO Technical Steps :-

  1. Secure your website - Search engine gives more preference to secure sites than non-secure ones. You can easily find a secure website by seeing URL- “HTTPS//” and non-secure like “HTTP//”. You can install an SSL certificate on your website.
  2. Mobile friendly setup - Indeed a number of mobile users are increasing day by day. Your job is to capture traffic from there also to give them mobile-friendly setup.
  3. Focus on the structure – Structure is an essential part that people notice. Well-structured site attracts more traffic.
  4. Use keywords in your structural setup - Keywords in the structural setup that will make your website easier for users.
  5. Focus on-trend - Website trends are changing day by day so you need to focus on link address and trending structure, security and privacy preferences.

We are happy to say that now you know the difference between SEO and technical SEO. You understand the key concepts and tips to get better in technical SEO. To build a strong base and to improve your knowledge and expertise just visit our website and you can get free SEO tools such as Plagiarism checker, website checker, count words, article rewriter and many more and it’s free. So visit our website and be professional.