SEO Tactics 2020 [Expert Tips]

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Tactics 2020 [Expert Tips]

11/25/2019 12:00 AM by Seo Guru in Techie

SEO Tactics for 2020 [Expert Tips]

Are you finding that you're not getting any results with Serach Engine Optimization . Well that's because you're using a lot of SEO tactics that everyone else hardly knows about. Hello I'm SEO GURU. And today I'm going to share with you SEO Tactics 2019.

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The very first seo tactic is get to understand your users. Everybody thinks SEO is simply concerning on page or backlinks. However here's the factor Google desires to rank what is best ie. the top notch content for the users the approach the list. The approach you get to understand what is best for users is you survey by tools like Survey Monkey and Hot Jar.

You can resolve what your users love and what they do not. By adapting your content your services your product you are rather more probably to urge that pursuit from Google as a result of you are making the most effective user expertise lately.

Google's staring at what is known as user metrics likewise the individuals returning to your website once they click or they explore for a keyword they click on your listing then they even consider what what number of these people are clicking. Google makes it clear that hey the other folks don’t like what they are seeing no matter how much SEO you have done just remember your content is king.

They're additionally staring at things like time on website bounce rates, pages per visitor even however long your server responds to a visitor. You will get what is taking a visitor take off and why or not buying from the content. Fixing of these things does not simply facilitate improve your conversions but however it additionally helps improve your rankings and Google as a result of you are providing the most effective user expertise.

STEP : 2

The second SEO tactic is having a leverage schema mark-up you recognize all those reviews and star ratings that you just see once you are doing an exploration that is known as schema markup. If you are SEO Noobie using Wordpress you can get use the Yoast SEO plugin. It helps you to do the schema markup with simply some straight forward clicks. It's price looking for makes it straight forward which means you do not have to be compelled to learn single factor regarding secret writing.


STEP : 3

The 3rd SEO tactic is that I want you to try out is expand your most popular pages see content marketing is a big hit or miss game. Create a lot of web pages a lot of content pages some get a ton of traffic and some page are not with no reason. But links I did all the best practice all my pages. But why are some doing better than others. It’s a waste of time to hunt for answers.

But, what you can do is you take your most popular pages and expand them.

So let's say you have a three thousand word blog post that's ranking well you'll want to take the keywords that that page is ranking for put them into a tool called keyword suggestion tool it'll show you all the other long tail phrases that relate to that main phrase integrate them into that page. You're innocent your expand your page you're not just adding in more keywords do proper SEO using Yoast plugin real time online then add content expand the depth of that page so that 3k or 5k word count blog posts may turn into something that's 10k words.

And when you do that what you'll find is you're ready rank for the main head terms by adding in the long tail phrases you'll just get extra traffic with very little word and less than 30 days.



The fourth SEO tip I have is a send link juice to lower rank pages as a mentor with the previous step. You have some pages that naturally do well and some that don't do as well. Well the ones that don't go to all your other pages that are doing well an internal linked to the ones that are and see if that helps lift them higher. We'll find this over time those pages that aren't ranking that well we'll start climbing higher and higher again. Then it’s good to have a leverage with relevant info graphics.



Many times I got a query that Hey Seo Guru I've seen info graphics everyone has them but no I don't want you to just limit you any info graphics. I want you to leverage advance animated info graphics. Have you ever seen that info graphics on how a car engine works or how fast you cheetahs run their animated by integrating jets within your info. They're chances to go fast viral and you're going to get way more back-links. The guy who created how a car engine works he was telling me how he got over a million visitors to the info graphic. Do you know why he did to market it?

Nothing. He just released everyone's like Oh my God this is crazy. It's animated. He started getting a lot of soldier shares back link started ranking for everything because people like this is cool. And that's why you want to leverage animated info graphics. Then I want you to leverage roundup. Post the reason roundup posts are really good. No one does this. I don't know why these be more popular 3 4 years ago but they still work.




Let's say you're writing an article on one hundred and one SEO tips or thirty one SEO tips from 31 experts by emailing all these experts and getting them participate.

They're not only likely to share your article on the social web but they're also likely to link back to that article and help promote it. All those links and social shares will get you more traffic and eventually more eyeballs seeing your page. The more natural back links you'll also get which will increase the overall 30 of your site and your rankings. The last drag you have  is pruning crop. I know this one's going to seem really hard when you have an old site and you've been writing content for ages.


There's a lot of pages that just want to well even when you do the internal links and you direct link flow for the lower ranking pages but start cutting the dead weight when you start cutting the dead weight more. 30 starts going to the pages that are ranking well and it should help them climb even higher and higher over time so that's it.

Follow those advance strategies and you'll start getting more love from Google if you like these posts.

That's it folks you’re Done...!

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