Top and best SEO settings for a webpage & app [Experts View]

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Top and best SEO settings for a webpage & app [Experts View]

11/26/2019 8:30 AM by Seo Guru in Techie

Top and best SEO settings for a webpage & app [Experts View]

SEO or search engine optimization is the most important aspect of digital marketing. It allows your website, apps or blogs to grow at a speedy rate by allowing your webpage or apps to flash on the top of the Google searched keywords. There are various SEO tools available on the internet that allows you to create an SEO friendly webpage or app.  Free Pro SEO tools are the best site where you can get free tools to create a good article for your WordPress blog or websites. This website can be used to write pages while running checks like count words, free plagiarism check, active and passive speech etc.

If you are a content creator and want to know the best SEO settings for your application and page then check out the text below.

Best SEO settings for your application and page

1.Use a good SEO plug-in

You must use a good SEO plug-in to make your content SEO friendly. For this, you can use the Free PRO SEO tools to make your content up to date with the changes in the search engine optimization. The major Free SEO tools offered by this website are plagiarism checker, Alexa ranker, website reviewer, google analyze and malware checker, free online website checker etc.

2. Choose webpage or app name carefully

The domain name or the application name plays a major role in search engine optimization as it serves as the initial keyword for Google researched data. The name generally suggests what the webpage or app is based on. For WordPress blogs, you must carefully give a title to your posts. 

3. Keyword Research

Always add keywords into your content as it will enhance the search engine optimization to give your blog the topmost places. Search keywords related to your contents then add it using the SEO plugin in an SEO friendly way.

4. Add a caption to your images

Optimize you're using an SEO plug-in and add to good caption using keywords. Always use copyright-free images in your post and of a decent quality which will not take more than 2 seconds to load. Customize the name of the images to the targeted keywords.

5. Use a design that can be accessed in any platform  

If you are creating a post or Webpage than make sure to make it compatible on both mobile phones and computer format. This will allow your content to be shown on both devices.