Free VPN - Virtual Private Network [For Free Techbie]

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Free VPN - Virtual Private Network [For Free Techbie]

06/13/2019 12:00 AM by SAKA in Techie

Virtual Private Network / VPN [For Free Techbie]



In this particular post we would understand the benefits of VPN how does VPN is a preventive step towards safe and anonymous browsing creating a better future.

Where to get VPN?

Practical Approach?

Free Installation VPN?

Use VPN ?

and many more so lets start



Why Do We Need?

Do you know that you are being spied on continuously? Yes..! my dear you are. You must be using any kind a piecemeal of technology being phone, desktop, laptop, TV etc daily life stuff you are feeding ‘The Big Data’.



THE BIG DATA- It is a significant database to Artificial Intelligence system which is used in their development. Every piecemeal of thing you do is collected in this database then would be sold to these AI developing company’s. Your DOB, Address, Phone No, your current location, Your Daily action / reactions etc.


Don’t believe me –Try this

1. Pick up your phone and browse through a shopping website Add something random to your cart.

2. Close it.

3. Open up any/your Facebook account and browse through the Ads.

4. I guarantee you’ll be shocked. You Will see the same product.. Told Ya…!

Hence, to avoid this we need a VPN… for 100% free.



Benefits of VPN -

1. You cannot be spied because a VPN helps to create a hub of location servers to as a proxy  collects data to you i.e from bread crumbs > to one single bread.

2. You privacy is guaranteed.

3. You can browse any website you want. Not into the dark net for that read this-



4. Protect your Identity.. Stay anonymous!

You can get free 100% VPN in 2019 here-



Rest All Assured.