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Use this “Links Count Checker” tool by FPS for quick and simple checking of links on your websites

This free on-line tool is what you wish if you wish to count what percentage outgoing links are there on a given page. Website
owners and webmasters should frequently check their external links on their websites to confirm the standard of a

More significantly, this tool will assist you economize and therefore the bother of paying for advertising or link building from a
less-than-credible service supplier. the employment of “Link Farms” (pages or websites that exist just for reproducing
backlinks) isn't a decent possibility for programme optimisation as a result of they need a specialised rule that may sight
such link building activities. It will truly damage your web site than assist you optimize it.

So, it's recommended that you simply use this link count checker tool as a place to begin to get rid of pages that would
potentially harm the name of your web site if you're aiming to exchange links. Then, you'll create more
analysis by manually reviewing the connexion of that specific web content.


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